Network Design/Deployment

Our team has deep experience building wireless networks (WiFi, LTE, and satellite) in some of the most remote locations in the world. From initial network design to securing backhaul contracts, navigating customs and regulatory bodies, and community-appropriate localization, Treetop has successfully connected disconnected populations across three continents. Our team is comfortable with extended international travel and fieldwork, and has a strong track record of problem-solving in unorthodox contexts at the edge of connectivity.

Open-Source Engineering

Our team has years of experience contributing to and maintaining open-source projects. We are core contributors to multiple open-source projects (most notably open5gs) and are comfortable and experienced working with open-source communities and building consensus around feature-adds and code refactors in a wide range of languages and frameworks. If your team uses an open-source project that doesn’t exactly fit your needs, we can help!

Research and Development

Our team is available for general research, development, and engineering in computer networking, with a focus on wireless protocols and network architecture. If you’ve got a tricky problem, need a network designed or a study done, or want something new prototyped, reach out and let’s talk!